11/15/2011 04:01 pm ET

Julie Taymor Criticizes Bono, The Edge For Absence During 'Spider-Man'

Julie Taymor is the latest to fire a shot in the ongoing feud between Taymor and her former "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" collaborators U2 bandmembers Bono and The Edge.

Taymor, who is currently suing the producers and co-book writer of the musical for failing to compensate her for her work, was ousted from the production in May 2011, after nearly nine years of working on the show with Bono and The Edge.

In a new interview with Esquire, Taymor describes that part of her life as "very dark times." Responding to comments Bono made in the New York Times back in June that Taymor was "clearly exhausted, overwrought," Taymor retorted with some criticism of her own.

"What was exhausting was the fact that the producers were absent... Those people weren't there, so how does Bono know? I'm sorry," she says of the remark -- indeed, much of the interview revolves around the "Spider-Man" incident. Taymor also says she's been paid $125,000 for her work over the past near-decade, as the payment is currently in arbitration.

It's not the first time Taymor has called out her co-collaborators. In an interview with the New York Times in June, she spoke of the producers' use of audience focus groups in developing the musical.

“It’s very scary if people are going more towards that, to have audiences tell you how to make a show. Shakespeare would have been appalled. Forget about it. It would be impossible to have these works come out because there's always something that people don't like," she said then.

The 75 million dollar "Spider-Man" musical has been fraught with difficulties and delays in its long ride to Broadway, including injuries, multiple delays, the departure of their lead actress, and growing criticism and ridicule from the public. Despite the problems, the musical has still managed to pull in audiences to produce respectable profits.

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