11/15/2011 03:26 pm ET

Taco Bell Glass Door Shattered By Woman In Wheelchair: Indiana Police Charge Amber Harvey (VIDEO)

Restaurant employees refused to serve a woman who rolled up to the drive-through in a wheelchair -- so she allegedly took out her anger on the front door.

Police in Elkhart, In., charged 26-year-old Amber Harvey with criminal mischief early Sunday morning after she allegedly used her wheelchair to ram her way through a Taco Bell entrance, leaving shattered glass scattered across the sidewalk, ABC-57 reports.

Employees told authorities that Harvey attempted to purchase food at the restaurant's drive-through, but without a car, attendants denied her service. A frustrated Harvey, who later told police that "she was angry with employees for not serving her due to her not being in a vehicle in the drive through," proceeded to destroy the front window, according to FOX-28.

Experts say she executed quite the demolition.

"You have to hit it pretty hard, it's tempered glass,” Jim Sumption of Action Glass Company told the local television station. "But, if you hit it just right it will shatter and fall to the ground…the corner of [the wheelchair] or something hard hit it."

Sumption, who repaired the glass that Monday, estimated the work cost around $325.

"Cars through store fronts, underage kids driving cars through store fronts and just all kinds of crazy stuff," Sumption explained. "This is the first time I've seen anything like this."