11/15/2011 08:27 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Thomson Airways Plane Lands On Taxiway After Pilots Get Confused

A packed Thomson Airways jet narrowly avoided disaster after the plane's pilots got confused and landed the plane on an airport taxiway...instead of the runway.

The flight from Doncaster in the UK to Paphos, Cyprus, carrying 192 passengers, landed on the taxiway at the Cypriot airport even though they were given explicit directions to land on runway 29, the Daily Mail reports.

The taxiway has no markings of a runway. The pilots, it seems, "got confused" and landed the Boeing 737 on the taxiway.

The Cyrpiot air authority told the paper:

We are collecting information from the pilots, air safety reports, and on weather conditions, and we are in contact with the UK's accident investigation authority. We have the authority to make recommendations to the government and they will make changes if necessary.

Thomson Airways copped to the charges and said they were launching an investigation.

A blogger took to the web to defend the pilots, saying that it was "easier than you think" to land on the parallel taxiway.

Pilots have seemingly gotten confused in the past. Two Northwest pilots had their licenses revoked after they overshot their destination of Minneapolis by 150 miles back in 2009.

Flickr: Rol_H