11/16/2011 08:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fox Business Reporter Adam Shapiro Heckled At Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

Fox Business' Adam Shapiro was heckled by a crowd of Occupy Wall Street protesters while he was reporting from Zuccotti Park on Tuesday night.

Shapiro was attempting to do a live hit from Occupy Wall Street for Fox Business' "The Willis Report" after protesters had returned to the park following Mayor Bloomberg's raid on the encampment.

When host Gerri Willis tossed to Shapiro, a large crowd of protesters loudly chanted "Fox News lies" over Shapiro's report.

Shapiro attempted to interview one of the protesters, but the young man turned his back to him (following a fellow protester's instructions) and would not answer the question.

Shapiro tossed back to Willis in the studio, seemingly cutting his live hit short. Willis appeared disheartened by the protesters reaction and said that Fox News was "just trying to cover the story like everybody else" and had "no idea why" the protesters would chant "Fox News lies."

Fox News and Fox Business reporters have encountered a string of hostile receptions at Occupy Wall Street — from the continual battle with Geraldo Rivera to John Stossel's less-than-welcome trip to the encampment.

Watch (via Inside Cable News):