11/16/2011 09:06 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2011

Blackpool Tower Dungeon Wants Your Bones

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon may bill itself as the scariest attraction in England's Lancashire county and boast an elevator to Hell, a torture chamber and a "Dark Chapel, but this haunted house lacks a crucial ingredient: Skeletons. Fortunately, the attraction's winningly-named General Manager Garry Blackadder has a plan to fix this problem.

He wants you to give him your bones.

Blackadder is actively looking for two volunteers to sign releases donating their bodies to medical science.

"We have fake skeletons in some of our historic sets but there's nothing to compare with the real thing," Blackadder told the UK Press Association. "And since there is a shortage of bodies for medical science we thought we might be able to help ourselves and help a good cause at the same time."

Human skeletons can be purchased at various medical supply outlets, but they don't come cheap. Your bones are worth around $5,000, a substantive donation to be sure.