11/23/2011 08:13 am ET

Delightful City Strolls Picked By National Geographic (PHOTOS)

Many of the world's great cities are built on waterways, and waterside walks often provide an intriguing and enlightening route for exploration.

So, says National Geographic in its book "Secret Journeys of a Lifetime," which highlights 500 of the world's best hidden travel gems. So far, from the book, we've looked at amazing city gardens, the best museum gardens, the world's most famous gardens, and the best places to spot spring flowers. Now, major city waterways are up at bat.

Many cities are built on rivers, but these ten are among the best. From the Tagus River in Lisbon, which meanders past Vasco da Gama's launch point, to the Neva in St. Petersburg, which offers views of the Winter Palace, these scenic strolls are a perfect way to get to the heart of these cities.

Photo: nicksarebi/Flickr