11/16/2011 11:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jaktogo Offers Fliers Choice Between Baggage Fees And Dignity

Some ideas are so perfect, so brilliant in their simplicity and practicality they engender a healthy respect for human ingenuity. Jaktogo is not one of those ideas.

The brainchild of John Power, an Irish engineer, the Jaktogo is an airport-ready transformer, a tote bag that turns into a jacket that turns back into a tote bag. Designed to help frequent fliers avoid baggage fees, the Jaktogo, with its trash-bag-meets-trench-coat styling, would also be perfect for flashers heading out of town or anyone looking to avoid talking to those sitting next to them.

Though denim and pleather versions of the coat are now available for the more style conscious, it is fair to say that with great transformability come certain aesthetic compromises.

As John Powers told WTSP TV: "Not a fashion plate."

Oh John, don't be so easy on yourself.

If the Jaktogo is anything -- and it certainly is something -- it is surely evidence of how much fliers resent the baggage fees that have become part and parcel of the flying experience. In 2010, US airlines collected roughly $3.4 billion in baggage fees, which makes the cost of the Jaktogo, a little over $80, seem like a steal. Because Power is Irish, his site points out the particular value of the Jaktogo for passengers on RyanAir, the budget carrier renowned for its fees.