Marcus Bachmann In Dispute With Gay Rights Activist Over Unpaid Therapy Bill

Though Marcus Bachmann denies that his Christian counseling clinic practices so-called "pray away the gay" reparative therapy, one prominent LGBT activist feels otherwise -- and now, he says, he's got the voicemail messages to prove it.

John Becker, who videotaped a therapy session at Bachmann's clinic that allegedly promised to cure his homosexuality, has released a voicemail recording via his group, Truth Wins Out, said to be from Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann's husband, demanding $150 for two sessions that Becker had scheduled, but then canceled.

Becker notes that Bachmann then threatens to turn the bill over to a collection agency if it is not paid. Listen to the recording here:

"I find it odd that Bachmann handled this matter personally rather than through his billing department," Becker noted. "This is certainly an unorthodox way of doing business, much like the unethical 'ex-gay' therapy offered at his clinic.”

As the Wall Street Journal is reporting, Bachmann confirmed the account, and noted Becker was contractually obliged to pay for the two sessions he did not attend. "It's not the amount of money," he said. "For us, it's the principle."

Watch segments of the undercover video, along with an interview with Becker, below: