11/16/2011 11:06 am ET

Philippines: Hillary Clinton Convoy Hit With Red Paint

Angry anti-U.S. protesters in the Philippines targeted Hillary Clinton's convoy today, splattering it with red paint, the BBC reports.

About 50-60 people managed to "paint ambush" Clinton's vehicle as it drove past. Politico reports that the activists were able to bypass traffic police and catch the convoy off guard, forcing it to turn back.

According to the BBC, the activists were protesting the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and the United States, which allows U.S. troops to remain under U.S. jurisdiction while in the Philippines.

The attack comes a day after the U.S. Secretary of State was photo-bombed in Hawaii by a man carrying a torch and donning only a loin cloth.

Indeed, it's been an interesting week for Hillary. Today, she was also bombarded with personal questions from students in Manila, including what she keeps in her purse and what music she enjoys. From the Associated Press:

"In addition to makeup and all that go with that, usually my Blackberry and papers of all kinds," Clinton replied gamely, adding that her job entails flying around the world with much more than a tote bag.

Asked about her iPad and what music she keeps in it, Clinton told the crowd of about 100 mostly college students that she uses the popular gadget mainly to view news sites to keep abreast of what's happening in the world.

Hillary Clinton is on a two-day trip to the Philippines, as discord mounts over China's claims to the South China Sea, Reuters reports. Her visit also marks the 60th anniversary of the Philippines-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty.

Above, watch footage of the incident. Below, see photos of the protesters and Hillary's trip.

Clinton in Manila
Clinton in Manila