11/17/2011 02:41 pm ET

Adam Levitt, Chicago Man, Sues Southwest Airlines For 45 Free Drinks

A Chicago attorney with 45 now-worthless free drink coupons valued at about $225 in savings has filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines over the company's recent decision to cease honoring the coupons, which had been awarded to customers for purchasing premium "Business Select" tickets and do not have an expiration date.

Plaintiff Adam Levitt argues that the policy change represents a breached contract and is seeking class-action status for his suit, the ABA Journal reports.

"Southwest decided that it would make more money -- improve its 'bottom-line' -- by choosing not to honor the coupons that consumers had already paid and bargained for," said the complaint filed on Wednesday in Chicago federal court, according to Reuters.

His comment references a post on the company's blog Aug. 1 by Mike Hafner, vice president of cabin services, announcing the policy change:

"In an industry where the competition is always knocking (or banging) on the door and where watching the bottom-line is more important than ever, we owe it to our Employees, Customers, and Shareholders to find ways to operate smarter. We've reached a point where being so flexible with drink coupons has put us in a position of having far too many in circulation. To help purge the system of these excess coupons, we will start enforcing expiration dates on coupons over the course of the next year."

Levitt seeks to extend the suit to include all Southwest customers in the United States with unredeemed drink coupons and is asking for compensatory damages and other remedies, Reuters reports.