11/17/2011 01:29 pm ET

Colbert Explains How Newt Gingrich Became GOP Frontrunner (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich is now the frontrunner in the GOP primary race, because why not? Everyone else has had their turn. We're not positive but we suspect that the HuffPost Comedy editors will likely be the GOP frontrunners next week.

We have our own theories why Gingrich polling ahead of Cain and Perry after their campaign implosions, but it's a little surprising that Gingrich is the frontrunner as he was possibly the first candidate to be written off after a few gaffes and a Greek cruise shortly after he announced his candidacy.

But Colbert explains that the vacation was hardly a luxury cruise, it was a serious fact-finding mission. No matter how much it looked like a luxury cruise. Despite the Gingrich's spotty record as a politician, at least he's not the other candidates?

You can also check out the video on Colbert Nation.