11/17/2011 10:04 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Hillary Clinton Tries Out A Barrette, Sunglasses In South East Asia (PHOTOS)

Oh, the Hillary Hair Chronicles.

We absolutely admire Hillary Clinton for both her professional and sartorial audacity. We've got a Secretary of State who can wear, among other things, butterfly clips, scrunchies, headbands... and barrettes! How many countries can say that?

Today Clinton is in Thailand visiting flood victims, making a quick stop between her APEC trip to Hawaii and an upcoming regional summit in Indonesia.

While bonding with children at a Bangkok evacuation center, Hillary brightened everyone's day in a lime green jacket and burnished gold accessories.

She also maintained a no-fuss hairstyle by clipping her blonde strands back with a black frilly barrette. It was a similar, if not identical, look to the back scruchie-esque style she tried on Monday, when she experienced a hilarious surprise during a diplomatic photo-op.

The barrette is functional, for sure, but we have to say we most prefer Hillary's hair down loose. We got our wish later, when Hillary departed Thailand and touched down in Bali with her hair down and her shades on. Looking fly, Secretary!

Check out Hillary's funky accessories and tell us: do you like this look?