11/17/2011 02:03 pm ET

Penn State Scandal: Alleged Sandusky Victims From 1970s Reportedly Come Forward

During a conversation with Bob Costas on NBC's "Rock Center," Jerry Sandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola, claimed that several alleged victimes will testify on behalf of the defense and stat that Sandusky never committed the crimes detailed in the grand jury report. Amendola's claim to Costas offered the first glimpse of how the defense plans to battle agains the 40 counts in the initial indictment. But, in the aftermath of Sandusky's interview, more alleged victims are reportedly starting to come forward.

According to Sara Ganim of The Patriots-News, two State College attorneys believe that Sandusky's interview has prompted more victims to come forward. One alleged victim who recently stepped forward claims the abuse dates back to the 1970s. If this accusation proves true then even the existence of Sandusky's charity -- The Second Mile was founded in 1977 -- would appear to be inextricably linked to his alleged crimes.

Just after Monday night's interview, the New York Times reported that close to 10 additional alleged victims have come forward to the police.

Not long after the 23-page grand jury report was initially released and Sandusky was indicted, FOX 29 in Philadelphia reported that the number of known sex-abuse victims may be twice the amount in the report, a number closer to 20.

Speaking with "Meet The Press," Pennsylvania Tom Corbett, formerly the state's attorney general, noted that the victims of a serial abuser tend to emerge once a case becomes public.

"When the word gets out, when people understand that authorities are actually doing something about this, that they may be believed, then more people come forward," Corbett said.