11/17/2011 08:24 am ET

Pontiac School Budget Deficit Soars To $24 Million

PONTIAC -- The budget deficit for Pontiac school district has increased to more than $24 million, more than double what it was two years ago.

As a result, the Pontiac school district is in jeopardy of having a Michigan Department of Education review team order the cuts.

Apparently, expenditures were made for personnel that the board was unaware of and that took the district over budget.

The board learned of the deficit in audits done after interim Superintendent Jon Brown took over in late summer.

Board President Damon Dorkins said Wednesday in a statement that the board went to the state on Nov. 1 and proposed a plan.

The state indicated they want the board to prepare a plan that would be viable. Once prepared state officials will review it and determine whether it meets state requirements.