11/17/2011 02:03 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Proposition 8 Timeline: California's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Over The Years (PHOTOS)

In a move that will likely be seen as a blow to most supporters of marriage equality, the California Supreme Court ruled today to allow opponents to defend the ban on same-sex marriage in federal court, writing that doing so was backed by the state's constitution.

Now, as Reuters is reporting, the legal battle over the ban is expected to reach the U.S. Supreme Court, which then could rule on whether there is a federal constitutional right for gay couples to wed.

The ban on same-sex marriage in California has its share of roller coaster-like setbacks and advances in recent years.

Take a look at a timeline of events below (captions created with reports from The Los Angeles Times, Reuters, The New Civil Rights Movement, Prop 8 Trial Tracker and GOOD Blog)

Proposition 8 Timeline