'South Park' Mocks Penn State Scandal Jokes (VIDEO)

As is often the case with high-profile news stories, "South Park"'s satirical take on last week's Penn State scandal was highly anticipated. Not ones to care for the term, "too soon," Trey Parker and Matt Stone were ready with a funny take on the serious matter in Wednesday night's season finale.

When a news story captures the nation's attention (and therefore the comedy world's) but is also devastatingly sad and sickening, there are very few ways to satirize it without coming off as insensitive. But "South Park" found a way, as they did with the Catholic church sex scandals of recent years, by mocking not the acts themselves but the tired jokes you undoubtedly hear about them.

In the clip above as well as the two following clips below (you can watch the entire episode here) "South Park" introduces Mr. Adams, a Child Protective Services case worker who attempts to make Penn State jokes throughout the entire episode, always following them up with, "We like to have fun here," as if that's a thing.

We don't want to give too much away, but as Kenny, his brother and sister, and Cartman all meet with the Mr. Adams, it becomes obvious that protecting children comes second to his love of "comedy."

Cartman hits the nail on the head in the second clip, when he asks Mr. Adams to stop it with the Penn State jokes already, and reveals why they really are so insufferable, aside from the obvious reasons:

"All you're doing is taking something topical and revamping old Catholic jokes!"