Bill Maher & Jimmy Fallon Talk Herman Cain, Rick Perry And Pot (VIDEO)

"What can you say about a man who wears a pimp hat through a sex scandal?"

Bill Maher always has a way of summing up the latest political faux-pas in a short and funny way, and on Thursday night he brought plenty of jokes (like the Herman Cain one above) to "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

In the two-part interview to promote his new book "The New New Rules," Maher runs the gamut of GOP presidential candidates, mocking Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney in part one (below) and Herman Cain and Rick Perry in part two (above).

But, as Maher often does, he also found some time between election jokes to talk about one of his favorite subjects: Marijuana. He claims to have ditched the pot after he was "saved," but something tells us that's not 100% accurate.

And in part one, look out for a brief glimpse of Maher's 80s movie dance scene at the end of the clip. As it turns out, Maher has moves we didn't even know existed.

WATCH: Part one