11/20/2011 09:06 am ET

Victoria Rowell Says NBA Players Have The Most Beautiful Bodies: Love Of The Game

Every Sunday "In Love Of The Game", Huffington Post BlackVoices talks sports with a person of note.

This week, Victoria Rowell, the actress and bestselling author muses on why football and basketball are like ballet, and why Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett reminds her of a jazz legend.

"I'm a Celtics fan, through and through. And I am, as you may know, a classical ballet dancer, so I have limited knowledge with the sports world. But here's what I love: I love sportsmanship. I love seeing the athleticism because ballet is so athletic. And I think particularly basketball players have the most beautiful bodies. And even in the slow-mo replay, I see many ballet steps, I see ballet on the football field, too. And [Pittsburgh Steelers great] Lynn Swann use to take ballet just for stretch purposes, many [people] don't know that. Now in addition to the sports that we enjoy here in the states, I really, really respect soccer players ... By the way, [Kevin] Garnett, when I see him (I'm on a whole other side of the arts world), he reminds me of Thelonious Monk. You see how I look at television? That's how I remember him. If he can act, he should play the role, but he's going to have to know how to play the piano and know how to twirl."

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