11/21/2011 09:01 am ET

Herman Cain Gets Defended Against Sexual Harassment Charges, Sort Of (VIDEO)

Although it took a couple weeks, it appears that the delicate house of cards that is the Herman Cain presidential campaign may have finally buckled after numerous allegations of sexual harassment came to pass. But what about all the women that Cain didn't sexually assault? Have we heard from them? He claims there were thousands, and who are we not to believe him?

Well... finding these women may be harder than one might think. This PSA from Funny Or Die aims to clear the good name of the luckiest pizza CEO in history, but sadly, it appears that it might not be quite so easy to find women (and at least one dude) who weren't harassed by Herman Cain. Whether they knew it or not.

When you have so many things twirling around in your head, it's easy to forget about who exactly you have and have not harassed.