11/22/2011 12:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Karl Lagerfeld Will Make $108.2 Million From His Men's Line Alone

That's a whole lotta Deutsche marks!

Women's Wear Daily took a look into the total revenue Karl Lagerfeld, the King of Fashion (to Anna Wintour's Ice Queen), will bring in just from his burgeoning men's line, Lagerfeld, alone. The answer: a krap load.

The total from the line, which is currently sold at 350 locations across Europe, will ring in around $108.2 million. Just for menswear.

So how much does Lagerfeld make overall? Take the $108.2 million and add revenues from the Chanel empire, Fendi ready-to-wear, the Macy's collaboration, the Sephora collection... not to mention revenues from his upcoming collection, Karl, to be sold on Net-a-Porter come January.

Math has never been our strong suit, but we think the sum probably hits the trillion mark. Maybe even a bajillion.

In short, the Kaiser has wealth to befit, well, a kaiser. But that doesn't mean he doesn't stay humble. As he and Carine Roitfeld once agreed, "[If] you're in your car, you're in your jet -- you don't have a grip on reality."

Karl Lagerfeld, man of the people? Sure, we'll go with it.

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