11/22/2011 06:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident Sparks Rave Amazon 'Reviews'

Megyn Kelly's insistence that pepper spray is "a food product, essentially" has spawned a petition to get the Fox personality to eat pepper spray on air, a Twitter hashtag and now "reviews" of pepper spray itself.

Talking Points Memo noted this recent phenomenon, which has sparked rave remarks such as, "Whenever I need to breezily inflict discipline on unruly citizens, I know I can trust Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray to get the job done!"

Another review notes, "... it's also an amazing human arm de-linker. So if you have this gigantic public space and a dozen people are sitting there with their arms linked - this will really help in your effort to de-link those arms."

One thrilled "customer" notes, "I used to have to exert my gray matter or work my mouth to keep people from saying anything I didn't want to hear. Now I just shake and aim Defense Technology's 56895 MK-9 Stream Pepper Spray, and half the time I don't even need to depress the trigger! My teens and my dog all go silent when I merely lift the can--no more claims that I've suppressed free speech when they quake in fear and CHOOSE to be silent! Not just for intimidating students--it works on crabby old people, too!"

Kelly made her controversial comments after video of a police officer pepper spraying student protesters at UC Davis went viral. The incident has prompted calls for UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi to resign.