11/23/2011 09:57 am ET

'Peanuts' Characters Present GOP Debate On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Thanksgiving Edition (VIDEO)

After watching the roughly 873rd GOP debate, we finally have to admit it. We're bored. There's only so much schadenfreude we can take in watching these candidates fight like children. Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel found a way to bring some excitement to the zzz-a-thons: Put the candidates' words in the mouths of "Peanuts" characters.

Since every other sound bite we hear from the debates brings us grief (and certainly not good grief), why not do the logical thing and present their childlike bickering as dialogue in "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"? In this clip, watch as Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have their words expressed by Peppermint Patty and Linus. The quarrel seems so more natural coming from 6-year-olds.

We loved the last time Kimmel did this concept, but this time really made us laugh.