'Community' Will Return To NBC Midseason Primetime Lineup, Date Not Yet Set

With NBC and CBS announcing their midseason lineups earlier this week, it looks like the annual schedule shakeup is in full swing at the major networks. Since NBC unveiled its new lineup late Monday (Nov. 14) afternoon, there's been much speculation as to the fate of cult fave comedy "Community."

Cue funny cast and crew tweets. The show's executive producer Neil Goldman tweeted "Midseason schedule burn!" after the news broke, and series creator Dan Harmon responded "Streets ahold!"

Of course, this led actress Alison Brie to retweet her bosses comments with, "Troy and Abed in the...summer??" In true meta-humor fashion, the show's star Joel McHale then retweeted the entire dialog, adding, "Horsebot 3000 Noooo!"

Donald Glover then retweeted the humorous chain-tweet, adding, "Britta'd it." Oh snap. Did NBC really just Britta'd their midseason schedule?

Before you start sending paintballs of hope, "Community" fans, rejoice! The quirky comedy will return to NBC. "Community" will return at a date that has yet to be determined, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the struggling comedy still remains on the bubble due to low ratings. It's fan base may be small, but it's fiercely loyal.

"Our fan base is mighty, thank God, and I think most of them are young, because no one appointment views the show, and I feel like, if they figure out a way to measure that and keep it all together, then our ratings might go up," Joel McHale told The Huffington Post before the Season 3 premiere. "But thank God the fans love the show. Hopefully it will keep us on the air, we'll see. I think if we get through this third season, we'll be okay -- oh, who the hell knows."