11/27/2011 03:54 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2011

Antonio Ynoa, JetBlue Passenger, Arrested At Kennedy Airport For Assaulting Flight Attendant

It helps to have off-duty cops on board.

A passenger on a JetBlue flight caused quite a ruckus as the plane landed at New York's Kennedy airport Sunday morning.

Antonio Ynoa, a 22-year-old with two previous closed arrests, became enraged when a flight attendant told him to put his duty-free alcohol away as the plane neared landing, the New York Daily News reports.

An angry Ynoa assaulted the male flight attendant. Luckily, a 39-year-old off-duty Bronx cop was sitting a few rows away, making his way back to New York from a Thanksgiving trip. The officer wrestled the 22-year-old to the ground and restrained him with plastic handcuffs given to him by the flight crew.

When the flight landed, the FBI moved in and arrested Ynoa. He is charged with assault and interfering with a flight crew.

Last month, a passenger on a U.S. Airways flight from Phoenix to Honolulu went "crazy" and started stripping. Two off-duty Jersey City cops, on their way to a colleague's wedding, tackled the man and bound his hands in plastic handcuffs. The cops stood by the unruly passenger for the remainder of the flight.