11/27/2011 10:39 pm ET

Nick Novak Pees On Sideline: TV Cameras Catch Chargers Kicker Peeing (VIDEO)

During the late stages of a close game, the NFL place kicker becomes one of the most important men on the sideline. So, it's especially important that the kicker remains on the sideline. This is especially true when you're the place kicker on an NFL team that has lost five games in a row and is struggling to stay out of last place in a topsy-turvy division.

With the Chargers and Broncos tied with 1:34 remaining on the clock in the fourth quarter, San Diego kicker Nick Novak made certain that he was on the sideline despite appearing to have a very strong urge to find a bathroom.

As Chargers coach Norv Turner and quarterback Philip Rivers strategized for a potential game-winning drive, CBS cameras caught Novak appearing to pee in a cup by a Gatorade jug.


To add insult to embarrassment, Novak eventually missed a 53-yarder with 2:36 left in overtime, leaving the door open Tim Tebow and the Broncos to win on a game-winning field goal.