11/28/2011 07:08 pm ET

Barney Frank Sings About Marriage On ABC In 1992 (VIDEO)

Rep. Barney Frank's announcement on Monday that he was retiring from Congress on Monday, set off a barrage of Frank-related comments and clips on Twitter and the web. None caught our eye as much as this 1992 video of Frank singing about marriage on ABC — long before gay marriage was a reality in the United States.

In a segment for a holiday episode of ABC's "Prime Time Live," Frank and his then-partner Herb Moses participated in singing a celebrity rendition of "Winter Wonderland" to end the show's broadcast.

In the sing-a-long, Al and Tipper Gore start off the tune, looking particularly jolly. Frank and Moses chime in when the song reached the point where Parson Brown asked "are you married?" The couple continued singing, and answer "no man," commentating on laws prohibiting gay marriage in the United States.

The video above features some delightfully '90's haircuts and shoulder pads. Enjoy!

(Via Newsbusters)