11/29/2011 12:26 pm ET Updated Nov 29, 2011

From Los Angeles RV To Denver 'Micro-Home:' Inside Glenn Grassi's 84 Square Foot Off-Grid Mobile House (PHOTOS)

You know what they say: "Home is where the [trailer] is." Well.. that may not be the exact phrasing, but the adage is certainly true for Glenn Grassi.

The 41-year-old Erie, Colorado man just finished building an 84 square foot "micro home," complete with solar panel roof, on a trailer he bought for a little more than $600. At 12 ft x 7 ft, Grassi's home is constructed entirely out of salvaged materials (he calls it "upcycling").

Writes Grassi on Tiny House Blog, the house is insulated (and weatherproofed) on all 4 walls to withstand a blizzard, and the shingles are rated to withstand hurricane winds. Also included: cedar-lined designer interior, wood burning stove, stand up shower (hidden beneath the bed), lots of storage, composting toilet (hidden beneath a chair), solar chandelier and gravity water.

"I got into small living after living in expensive, run-down, loud apartments in Hollywood," Grassi told the HuffPost. "I moved into a nice RV and ended up living around the beaches of Malibu for a fraction of the price. I worked evenings at the Hollywood Improv and Second City, LA as a Stage Manager so my days were spent at the beach and my nights were spent running comedy shows on Melrose Ave."

Grassi says he "drew a picture a year ago and built that exact picture out of upcycled trash. My favorite aspect of the tiny house is the round window. I had looked for a ship's portal for a window for months. On the last day of my deadline to find a round window so I could finish the wall I walked into Resource and it was staring me in the face. It was perfect."

Grassi's favorite part may be the round window, but ours is the security system: A sheathed machete hanging next to the door. He's asking $16,500 for the home, machete included.


PHOTOS of the micro house: