11/28/2011 11:35 am ET Updated Nov 29, 2011

Girl Dancing On Bar Falls Down, It Funny (VIDEO)

A girl falls down off of a bar, much like national employment numbers are rapidly falling off the bar of American stability.

Just kidding. It's just funny to watch this girl dance all sexy-like and then fall down.

We all love dancing on bars. It combines two of life's greatest pleasures: Dancing and elevation. Sure, you could dance on the floor, but why do that when there's an entire stage right on front of you to show off your sexy dance moves? It's completely irresistible.

Until gravity enters the picture. Gravity is the biggest buzzkill, and one of the number one cause of party fouls (which you do not want to be caught doing). This girl learned it the hard way when gravity caused her to tumble off the bar in the midst of her sexy dancing, right into the arms of the bartender.

We gotta hand it to her, though. She even fell with style and nimbleness. She danced like no one was watching, but fell down with the grace of Rockette (who falls down a lot).

(Via Buzzfeed)