11/28/2011 05:22 pm ET

Katie Davidson: School Changes Homecoming Rules So Female Kicker Can Win

Sporting hot pink cleats, there's one member of the Community Christian School football team that stands out from the rest. Katie Davidson, a sophomore at Community Christian in Henry County (Ga.), is not only known as the starting place kicker on her school's seven-man, one-woman football team, but she's now also a role model for girls throughout her community. Until recently Community Christian required girls to wear a dress to the annual homecoming game. But when Davidson was nominated for homecoming court, it became clear that the rules needed to change. In order to accommodate Davidson as both a female member of the homecoming court and a football player, the school updated its official homecoming regulations to allow the girls to wear football uniforms.

Katie played the game in her pink cleats -- kicking four extra points in the first half -- and was elected sophomore princess the next night at the homecoming dance.

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