11/28/2011 03:48 pm ET Updated Nov 28, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: Christiane Amanpour 'An Idiot' For Colin Powell Questions

Rush Limbaugh hammered Christiane Amanpour for her interview with General Colin Powell on Sunday.

On Monday, Limbaugh was outraged by Amanpour's question about how to heal the country's "poisonous" political tone, and get things done on Capitol Hill. Powell had blamed the media for feeding on and fueling the divide.

Limbaugh defended the gridlock as a safeguard written into the Constitution by the founding fathers -- something that he said Amanpour didn't understand. "They wanted as little as possible to get done on Capitol Hill," he said.

Speaking about Amanpour, he blasted, "She doesn't look at it that way cause she's an idiot. She has no clue that's the reason the Constitution was written."

He then mocked Colin Powell's discussion of compromise between the Founding Fathers. He put on a subdued and breathy voice, and imitated, "The founding fathers compromised on slavery and they compromised on --"

"What in the name of Sam Hill is worth compromising with them on?" he wanted to know. Democrats and Republicans have no "common objective," Limbaugh concluded, because "today's Democrat party wants to tear [the union] apart" while Republicans "want to hold it together and strengthen it."

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