11/29/2011 08:01 am ET

10 Election Things You Need To Know Today

Want to know what's happening on the campaign trail? Who's up and who's down in the polls? Where you can meet the candidates in person? Here you go:

1. Mitt Romney must be fairly comfortable with his chances of winning the GOP nomination. Unlike his rivals, the former Massachusetts governor is not hanging around Iowa or New Hampshire or even South Carolina. He's already focusing on Florida.

2. Romney will discuss jobs and the economy at Conchita Foods in Miami this morning, then deliver a speech on trade policy in Tampa.

3. Rick Perry is bringing out the big guns today. Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona sheriff who became a lightning rod during the immigration debate, will endorse the Texas governor today.

4. Sheriff Arpaio also plans to join Perry in New Hampshire during a campaign stop in Amherst. Perry will spend the rest of the day doing town hall meetings in Manchester and Derry.

5. Herman Cain will likely spend the day doing damage control in response to yesterday's bombshell accusation that he was allegedly unfaithful to his wife for 13 years. On CNN last night, the former pizza magnate denied any wrongdoing and called the woman "an acquaintance that I thought was a friend."

6. Jon Huntsman will release his financial reform plan today. According to the campaign, the top financial priorities of a Huntsman administration would include "maximizing derivatives transparency, repealing Dodd-Frank, ending Wall Street's reliance on excessive short-term leverage, fixing BaseI, ensuring a stable monetary policy and shutting down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."

7. The former Utah governor, who is currently in New Hampshire, plans to hold a town hall meeting in Nashua, and speak at a house party in Concord. In between those events, however, he'll be answering questions on his Twitter feed. To participate, tweet @JonHuntsman using the hashtag #q4jon.

8. Newt Gingrich will be pressing hands, kissing babies and chatting with voters all day today. After hosting a town hall meeting in Bluffton, S.C., he will conduct radio interviews with Dana Loesch on FM NewsTalk 97.1 - St. Louis and Bob McLain on WORD, Greenville, S.C. The former Speaker of the House will then attend a sold-out barbecue and town hall hosted by the South Carolina Republican Party.

9. What to spend the holidays working for Ron Paul's campaign? The Texas lawmaker is recruiting college-aged supporters to spend their "Christmas Vacation With Ron Paul" as part of a get-out-the-vote effort. The Paul campaign claims it will cost "over $20,000 per day to put 500 young people on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire," but says it's an initiative "no other campaign will be able to duplicate."

10. Amidst all this campaigning, President Barack Obama will meet with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands at the White House today to discuss trade and the current economic situation in the eurozone. He'll hit the campaign trail tomorrow.