Hugh Jackman's Wife Addresses Gay Rumors About Her Husband

Hugh Jackman's singing and dancing talents have made him a darling among gay theatergoers for some time -- and that's not mentioning his rugged good looks, too. And while the Aussie-born "X-Men" star is happily married with children, he's had to battle tabloid reports he's a closeted homosexual for years.

Now Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness has come forward, telling the New York Post that she simply laughs off rumors about her husband's sexuality.

"The line I heard was, 'Wolverine? Who would have thought?' Hugh and I don't pay much heed [to that]," she said. "It's kind of tragic that these people have nothing better to do than to gossip about people they don't know."

Furness, 56, also took the time to address the much-publicized age difference between her and Jackman, 43, as well as the media's criticism of her weight. “Hugh is much more mature than me, so we balance each other out," she said. "And heaven forbid I have a human experience and carry a little weight."

Whether or not Jackman, who nabbed a Tony Award in 2004 for his portrayal of gay icon (and Judy Garland protege) Peter Allen in "The Boy from Oz" and is currently wowing critics and audiences with his one-man Broadway musical revue, will continue to face those rumors remains to be seen. But many in the gay blogosphere seem undeterred. Writes Instinct magazine: "We respect your opinion, Deborra, but aren't ready to dismantle our Hugh shrine just yet!"

Watch scenes from Jackman's Broadway show below: