11/29/2011 11:58 am ET

Kim Kardashian: 'Maybe I'm Not Supposed To Have Kids'

If you know anything about Kim Kardashian, you know she loves being in love and she desperately wants to start a family. They are two qualities that likely drove the 31-year-old reality star into a marriage that was doomed from the start.

Kim, along with her her sisters Kourtney and Khloe are Glamour magazine's January 2012 cover girls -- and the sisters sat down for an interview in the days after Kim filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage.

Although many speculate her marriage was a sham, Kim appears woefully glum in the interview, telling Glamour she's re-evaluating many of her dreams.

"I believe in love and the dream of having a perfect relationship, but my idea of it has changed. I think I need to not live in a fairy tale like that. I think I maybe need to just snap out of it and be a little more realistic," she said.

It's obvious to anyone that Kim values and loves her career in the spotlight, but like her mother Kris Jenner, all Kim says she's every really wanted was a family. But with two failed marriages behind her, Kim wonders if children aren't in the cards for her after all.

"At first I was like, I want six kids. Then I went down to four, then I was down to three, and now I'm like, maybe I won't have any," she told the magazine. "Maybe I'll just be a good aunt ... At this moment in my life, I feel like maybe I'm not supposed to have kids and all that."

Her sister Khloe interrupts, telling Kim, "Oh my God. Don't be dramatic all of a sudden!" But Kim explains, "That's how I feel. Maybe my fairy tale has a different ending than I dreamed it would. But that's OK"

It was once a dream of Kim's to be pregnant at the same time as Kourtney and Khloe. In September she told reporters, being pregnant together, "would be amazing."

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