11/29/2011 11:08 am ET Updated Dec 07, 2011

Mobile Security And Privacy Breaches 'Totally Unacceptable' To Customers: Survey Says

When it comes to mobile security and privacy, it seems consumers want to have it both ways. A recent survey by AdaptiveMobile found that 69 percent of smartphone users view privacy breaches as "totally unacceptable." Yet, 75 percent of them agree to, but do not read the often-lengthy terms and conditions of the apps they download -- which usually state that the apps will access personal data.

iPhone users are the most oblivious, with 65 percent completely unaware that downloading apps might put their privacy at risk. By contrast, Windows Phone users are the most paranoid: Ninety-five percent say they are "quite" or "very" concerned about privacy breaches, and nearly 33 percent would not download an app if they had any concerns about the security of personal information.

"Consumers are outraged that their data may not be secure, but are unwilling to protect themselves," says Ciaran Bradley, AdaptiveMobile's vice president of Handset Security.

Why it matters to your business: If you provide apps -- or any service that requires users to share personal data -- it's a smart idea to clearly highlight your privacy and security policy. Consumers still may not read it, but at least you'll know you’ve done your part. And keep in mind that data security is not just smart business, but can be profitable, too: Seventy-five percent of users claim they would pay more for apps that promised better privacy protections.