11/29/2011 04:59 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2011

Stanley From 'The Office', Pop Star? Leslie David Baker's '2 Be Simple' Music Video Surprises (VIDEO)

Most people probably know Leslie David Baker for his role as Stanley on "The Office", but now he's adding "pop star" to his list of credentials.

Don't believe us? Just look at this seemingly earnest music video for his single "2 Be Simple" featuring music "production-writing team" N.U.M. (aka Nuthin' Under a Million). Despite the fact that the group has also worked on a video with Keenan Cahill, it appears that the song is totally serious and just for the good-old-fashioned viral fun of it -- which feels weird in an age of viral marketing and funny-videos-that-are-also-promoting-things.

But hey, if Stanley wants to be fed raspberries by scantily-clad video chicks, who's to stop him?

So just in case you've ever wondered what Leslie David Baker looked like dancing around in a bathrobe, here's this video. You're welcome, world.

Warning: sNSFW refrigerator touching.

Via Buzzfeed