11/30/2011 08:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Evacuation 'Go-Bags' For Fashion Honchos Would Include Booze, Cigarettes

What would you grab to take with you in the unfortunate time of a disaster? Family photos? Important documents? Laptops?

For fashion's biggest stars, it's more like booze and condoms.

The New York Times recently queried style mavens like Betsey Johnson on what they'd put in their "go-bags": those containers of essentials that one would grab if they have to leave the house suddenly, which Mayor Bloomberg famously urged New Yorkers to prepare in the days preceding Hurricane Irene this August.

Besides the essentials -- you know, food, water, meds -- here's what some of the celebs would stash:

E. Jean Carroll from Elle magazine included toys for her two rescue dogs, a bottle of Chartreuse and glasses, five pounds of mixed nuts and condoms. Condoms? "One must be prepared to welcome the men of FEMA," she explained. LOL. photographer Phil Oh also opted for some salacious accompaniments; he said he'd pack Slim Jims, a Nintendo DS, a carton of cigarettes, condoms and lubricant.

Russell Simmons was more sartorially minded (and specific!), opting to stash four white Oxford shirts, an argyle sweater, corduroy blazer, size 34/32 Gap jeans and white Adidas Superstar shoes.

And Betsey Johnson said that in addition to plenty of alcohol, she'd bring her daughter Lulu's baby shoes, now more than 30 years old. Aww!

This got us thinking: what would we bring? Flat shoes (who wants to flee from danger in heels?), our iPhones, M&Ms and mango-flavored coconut water.

Click over to the NY Times to see what other fashionable folks would tote along when evacuating, and feel free to tell us what you'd bring in the comments!