11/30/2011 11:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Herman Cain Affair Allegation: Jon Huntsman Urges Talk About Issues, Not The 'Latest Bimbo Eruption'

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman characterized the allegations of an extramarital affair surrounding fellow candidate Herman Cain as a "bimbo eruption" in an interview with the Boston Herald editorial board Tuesday.

"We've got real issues to talk about, not the latest bimbo eruption," said the former Utah governor. He added that the alleged 13-year affair with Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White created "too much of a cloud, in some people's minds, as to whether or not they would be able to support us going forth." He also told the Boston Globe editorial board that the allegations distracted from other issues.

Former Bush White House senior adviser Karl Rove also voiced doubts about whether Cain could continue in the race, saying the former Godfather's Pizza CEO had "mishandled" the allegations. "And, you know, when you have 61 texts and emails -- some of them at early hours and late hours -- it just doesn't on the surface of it look good," he said to Fox News' Sean Hannity Tuesday night. "And I suspect what he's asking himself is: Am I the guy who could win the nomination and help put the country in the right place by defeating Barack Obama or am I not?"

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he was praying for the fellow presidential hopeful Tuesday and said Cain "has to do what he thinks is best and what he thinks is best for his family." Fellow Republican candidate Rick Perry said Cain needs to "address the allegations" Wednesday morning on "Fox and Friends." Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said people around her believe Cain is "done."

Cain told his staff Tuesday that he is reassessing his candidacy and will make a decision on whether to remain in the race in "the next several days." He told the Hillsdale College newspaper in an interview after his speech there Tuesday night that the "reassessment" comment did not mean he was dropping out. "There's another option," he said. "Modify the strategy, modify the campaign. Stay in, but with a modified strategy given everything that's going on."

Cain referred to his signature tax plan Tuesday night when asked by a reporter whether he would drop out. "999. 999. We're doing fine," he said.