11/30/2011 11:46 am ET

Herman Cain Jokes Outsourced To India On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

Just because we're entering the twilight of Herman Cain jokes doesn't mean we can't milk them for all they're worth over the next few days before the GOP presidential hopeful inevitably drops out of the race. Most late night talk shows are trying their hardest to squeeze them in before the clock runs out, but "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is the only one to go so far as to seek outside help -- from India.

Kimmel returned to his outsourced Indian pals to deliver some Herman Cain jokes, because domestically, we've just about produced all we can. They do a swell job, even if they're stealing the Herman Cain joke manufacturing jobs from hard-working Americans. (Ironically, some of their friends may have gotten jobs from Cain's own outsourcing.) Check it out!