11/30/2011 04:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Jersey Shore' Vinny Guadagnino Raps About Rape, Pulls Down Song (Explicit Language)

If we could count the number of times reality TV stars have debuted their secret gift for singing, we'd have more number ones than Katy Perry. As it were, most of these singles fail to hit the charts -- or in Vinny Guadagnino's case, stay online.

The "smart one" from MTV's "Jersey Shore" made the seemingly bone-headed decision of debuting his new rap song, "Rack City Mix," on his YouTube channel Wednesday. The problem isn't that Vinny followed in the footsteps of The Situation and outcasted housemate Angelina by producing a genuinely mediocre ditty. The problem is that the song is filled with seriously offensive lyrics and graphic sexual imagery.

"Racks racks racks" Vinny raps in the song.

"Ass ass ass," he continues, joylessly nailing the point home.

The song is lurid enough, but then Vinny dives into these lyrics: "Actin' like I'm raping it / F*ck her till she fakin' it."

He then ends with an indignant "It's Vinny, bitch," ripping a line from Britney Spears' "Gimme Me More."

Unsurprisingly, Vinny has since pulled down the video from YouTube after fierce criticism blasted his way, most notably from the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (not to worry; the video still lives in archived form at Perez).

"The lyrics in Vinny Guadagnino's new rap song that glorify rape are ignorant. Trivilizing this violent crime sends a dangerous message to the public," a rep for the organization told TMZ.

"Whoa! Some people really know how to take things out of context ! #LearnToListenToMusic …It was fun though!" Vinny later wrote on his Twitter page, by way of explanation.

WARNING: This song contains language that is not suitable for all audiences. LISTEN: