11/30/2011 10:21 am ET

Marc Jacobs Daisy Commercial Nearly Puts Us To Sleep (VIDEO)

TV advertisements for perfume are a tricky thing, considering that even the most high-tech TV is not yet capable of producing smells.

So we're always skeptical when a designer hawks his or her fragrances on the tube, usually with some generically sexy model lounging around in a skimpy dress and smelling herself.

But we have to admit we are almost pleased with Marc Jacobs' first foray into television advertising, with a commercial for his classic scent, Daisy.

The video was shot in Southern Spain by TJ Wilcox and Juergen Teller, the latter being Jacobs' go-to photog, and the spot certainly has Teller's hazy, sepia-toned touch.

The models -- Sophie Srej, Frida Gustovsson and Hannah Holman -- are equally appealing, channeling a soft, subtle sexiness that matches Daisy's young, playful vibe (not totally unlike Jacobs' Oh, Lola! ad, although we're hoping this one doesn't get banned...)

But much as we love the soft lighting and low-key models, the images combined with the slow, breathy music are making us a bit sleepy... is Daisy's power as a mild sedative its key selling point?