12/01/2011 02:58 pm ET Updated Dec 01, 2011

Who Is 'Every Tweet Ever'? Twitter Account Anonymously Mocks Unoriginality Of Social Media (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, the Twitter account @EveryTweet_Ever popped up seemingly out of nowhere, and nearly instantly caused waves within the comedy Twitter community. According to its bio, the feed is dedicated to "Pretty much every tweet you've already seen and will ever see. All of you could stand to be a little more creative."

The account exclusively sends out tweets that simply state common subjects, structures and trends on Twitter, highlighting how users of the social networking service often stay within their comfort zones. Within 15 hours, the account has amassed over 1,300 followers.

But who is behind the account? That information is not yet publicly known, although many have speculated. Some suspected radio host Jake Fogelnest, who was mentioned by the feed early in its run. However, Fogelnest denies that he is behind @EveryTweet_Ever. Much of the account's activity is directed toward the world of comedy and popular Twitter wits, such as Rob Delaney and Kelly Oxford, so the anonymous author is likely a comedian or a fan of comedy.

Here are some of our favorite meta statements about the banality of Twitter. We'll let you know if we find out who is behind the account. (And if you know, tell us!)