12/01/2011 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meghan McCain: Michele Bachmann 'Smarter' Than Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Meghan McCain has changed her tune on Michele Bachmann. The MSNBC contributor and daughter of Sen. John McCain appeared on Alex Wagner's MSNBC show "Now" to discuss her recent interview with the GOP candidate.

McCain said that she "went in skeptically" but "just adored" Bachmann while interviewing her. She added that she found Bachmann "warm" and "friendly," and said that she connected with her "as a Republican woman."

McCain acknowledged that she did not always possess such positive feelings for the GOP candidate. She said, "I famously said a statement earlier where I said...that Michele Bachmann was the poor man's Sarah Palin." McCain retracted her statement, and described Bachmann as "the thinking man's Sarah Palin."

When asked to compare Bachmann to Palin, McCain said, "...I actually think she's just more — smarter." McCain added that she was impressed by Bachmann's foreign policy experience and described her as "older and more established."


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