12/01/2011 02:42 pm ET Updated Dec 01, 2011

ONN: Parents Keep Deceased Son's Memory Alive Through His Awful Tumblr (VIDEO)

Dying doesn't just entail the traditional logistical hassles like funeral arrangements anymore. Now your family is burdened by having to worry about what to do in your technological absence as well as your physical one.

Sure, picking a coffin is weird, but it's not as bad as deciding what do to with your deceased son's Twitter account.

Luckily The Onion News Network sat down with Mary and Steve Patterson, parents of recently-deceased Geoff, to learn more about why they've decided to keep his single-topic Tumblr blog alive.

It turns out it has more to do with honoring their son's e-legacy than it does with "retarded hats" or "shitbird(s) with stupid ankle tattoo(s)."

Never one to do something halfway, "ONN" created a real Shitbirds Tumblr. RIP.

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