12/04/2011 08:45 am ET

Sway Calloway: The NBA Needs 'Re-Imaging': Love Of The Game

MTV News correspondent and Sirius XM Shade 45 radio host Sway Calloway thinks the NBA lockout settlement was capitalism in action:

I think we live in a capitalistic country, and I feel like those players held out with reason and they had every right to do so. And I think the owners, as well, have the right to fight for what they believe should be a fair share for them. But it's like any other athletic organization: Players have been taken advantage of and used over the decades since its inception. They haven't had the same financial rewards, although a few of them have made an excessive amount of money. That's just a few, that's not everybody, if you look at the percentages of those who are making that kind of money to those that aren't. But regardless, those owners are making tons of money. And I think those players really personified the American spirit with their players union and standing up for what they rightfully deserve.

Now the fact that it's starting on Christmas day, I think that's big. I think they're going to kick the season off with a lot of viewership. But they lost a lot of money [to the lockout], and they lost a lot of romance. I think the NBA will have a lot of rebuilding, restructuring and re-imaging to get these fans back on board."

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