12/01/2011 04:04 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

TEEN FICTION: 'My Gchat Love Affair With The IT Guy'

This is a regular column featuring original fiction by and for high school students, provided by, an online community writing site for young people.

The shadow of the beast hovered over my head, dark eyes behind light glinted glasses. I could hear the smack of her gum in the pocket of her mouth. As her mouth opened I cringed in fear of the coming onslaught. "How's the Dingleman report coming?" She queried, her eyebrows connecting in V shaped fury. "You should have finished by now."

I turned slowly, my eyes changing from hatred to indifference. "I had some trouble getting feedback from the computer supplier. It will be done by tomorrow morning."

She smacked her gum again, then frowned and walked away. Conflict averted. I turned back to the computer, my eyes drooping with lack of sleep. I brought up our company's communication program, then clicked the tech support button. The computer donged, a small chat box opening up. My friend quickly keyed in a welcome with his feather soft fingers. He worked in tech support, and was the other most technologically knowledgeable person on the floor. He had made the program always send my chat to him, as we didnt need it for tech support, but for human conversation that wasn't business related. It was a ease on the stress, rather than a distraction, and we both cherished it.

"The dragon nearly ate my head" I said, through the computer. "She wanted the Dingleman report." I smiled, switching to the window to edit some lines of the service agreement.

"No word from the computer guys then?" He asked.

I responded no, quickly switching windows again as the supervisor stalked by, her head slumped on her ostrich neck. The chat window yielded a response which dragged a smile out of my weary face again, which shifted quickly into boredom as i went back to editing.

"Knowing you, it would be done if it could be done."

The statement did let me view myself in his eyes for a slight second. I must seem hardworking to the other members of the office, except my friend in the chat box. He knew I only did what I felt necessary, occasionally a tad more if it was likely to be reviewed by anyone, just so I would get that next raise. I frowned, and shut down my computer, logging out for my lunch break. I glanced around to see Chad do the same on the opposite side of the room. He was my friend from the chat box. But no, once I left the realm of the digital, he was merely my lunch buddy.

I walked solemnly out the door, nodding politely to the supervisor. Her frown only worsened, and I quickly turned away, moving through the rotating door. The street was crowded and loud, but I knew my path. Across the street and down a block stood a coffee-shop, which had amazing sandwiches. I turned, as Chad left the building, walking towards the intersection. I jogged to catch up with him and we walked briskly across.

"What's up?" I queryed, our normal conversation starter. He smiled.

"The opposite of down." He replied, his eyes sparkling.

I smirked, and restrained a laugh among the quiet solemnity of the street. The world was fine. It was odd. I was odd. We were odd.