12/01/2011 07:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2011

'Virgin Diaries': Ryan And Shanna Talk About Their Wedding Night (VIDEO)

How many engaged couples can say that they've never kissed each other?

In this day and age -- not many.

But Ryan, 31, and Shanna, 27, can. And not too surprisingly, the two are also virgins. They're one of several couples being featured on TLC's newest one-hour reality special "Virgin Diaries," which aims to take viewers inside the lives of adult virgins. The couple garnered attention earlier this week when a video clip of their very awkward first kiss spread across the internet.

Despite TLC's claims that the show actually "celebrates" virgins, the network has come under fire -- with some critics dubbing the show as "TLC's latest gawk-fest" and it's participants "exploitation victims."

And now it appears that TLC is doing damage control -- with a second sneak peek of the special.

In the newest video clip of "Virgin Diaries," Ryan and Shanna talk about how they're saving their first kiss for their wedding day.

"A lot of people are shocked when they hear that," says Ryan, who has never kissed a girl on the lips before. "It's like no one ever does it."

And although Shanna admits that she's nervous about the actual intercourse, she doesn't seem afraid to talk about her fantasy of their wedding night: "I think you should take a shower first, and then I'll take a shower. And then I'll put on my lingerie, and then I'll come into the room... and then I'll have a surprise waiting for you," she says. "And we'll have our robes on, and then we'll slowly have our robes off and then do foreplay...and then have sex."

See what happens on "Virgin Diaries," premiering Sunday, December 4 at 9PM EST on TLC.