12/02/2011 01:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck, Co-Host Mock Meghan McCain With Ditzy Accent (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck continued his feud with Meghan McCain when he and his co-host imitated her with a ditzy accent and made-up words on his Thursday show.

He called NBC and MSNBC "so ridiculous" for their recent hiring of Chelsea Clinton and Meghan McCain. "You know you've got good coverage when you've got Chelsea Clinton as part of the NBC news team and as a commentator, you have Meghan McCain," he said. "You dont keep score like golf, the bigger number wins."

Co-host Stu Burguiere imitated McCain calling into the show and defending Michele Bachmann for a whole minute. He was mocking McCain's recent MSNBC appearance where she changed her tune on the GOP candidate and said she was "more smarter" than Sarah Palin.

He put on a ditzy accent and said he was calling in about "the presidentials." He said "Michele Blarkman" was "the intelligenter of the candidates," "academically articulant," "super bester," "the awesomest" and "fantascular."

Glenn addressed Stu as McCain, saying, "I don't know about the gooder speller, but she's the one I would have picked, but I appreciate it Meghan." He continued, "She has a hard time -- a lot of people do -- hanging up phones. You have to get it into right where the little cradle is. It's not easy."

"Cause sometimes people like Meghan would be like, 'I thought the baby went into the cradle.' It's a different kind of cradle, the phone goes there too. But let's not confuse people who are gooder spellers than I am."

This is the latest in the war of words between Beck and McCain. Beck had pretended to vomit and criticized her body over a skin cancer ad where she gave the appearance of being naked. Both she and her mother returned fire with fire.