12/02/2011 09:30 am ET Updated Mar 07, 2012

GMU Law School Puppies: Dog Therapy Eases Exam Stress

WASHINGTON -- George Mason University's law students are snuggling away their stress with puppies. WTOP reports that the puppies have been coming to GMU's law school during exam time since last spring, to the benefit of students and puppies alike:

Second year law student Lauren Brice cradles a hound mix in her arms. "It's very soothing. You can't really be stressed looking at these puppies."

Debbie Marson with "A Forever Home" dog rescue in Reston says that's just the idea. She started bringing puppies to the law school's Arlington campus last spring at the suggestion of a neighbor who happens to work at GMU.

'It's great for the puppies because they get socialization. It's great for the students because they get to decompress. And it's great because for us because it gets the word out about our rescue group," Marson says.

According to the Seattle University Law Library's blog, therapy dogs in law school has become a veritable trend. Further proof: Yale Law School has a certified therapy dog named Monty, available to its stressed-out law students for 30 minutes at a time through YLS's dog-lending program. It almost makes you want to become a lawyer.

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