12/02/2011 01:51 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2011

NYPD Allegedly Steals Pizza From 'Robin Hoods,' Housing Works Demands Restitution

Supporters of the 8 'Robin Hoods' arrested during an act of civil disobedience are demanding $30 restitution from the NYPD for two stolen large pizzas, and two bottles of soda.

The protesters, dressed in green and speaking in English accents,--evoking the 13th century 'steal-from-the-rich, give-to-the-poor' Robin Hood-- marched on City Hall Thursday in a joint effort between Occupy Wall Street, Vocal-NY and World AIDS Day organizers.

The activists, joined by a crowd of nearly 200, demanded implementation of a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street and a New York State millionaires tax in order to fund the fight against AIDS here in New York (there are 110,000 HIV-positive New Yorkers, more than any other American city) and worldwide.

After the Hoods were arrested for doing a "die-in" at the intersection of Broadway and Park Place and blocking traffic, cops at the seventh precinct allegedly and sadistically ate two large pizzas sent to the activists by some supporters at Housing Works.

From a Housing Works press release:

...NYPD officers at Manhattan's 7th Precinct did not give [the Robin Hoods] dinner, as they are required to do. Instead, the cops at the precinct punished them by eating two large pizzas that had been sent by the activists' supporters.

The pizzas were two large cheese pies from the revered pizzeria Mini Munchies, which earned four and half stars on

The NYPD malfeasance did not stop there--the Robin Hoods also say that the cops drank the 1 liter bottles of Sprite and Coke that were sent to accompany the pizzas. Moreover, the NYPD did not offer the thirsty Robins water and went so far as to tell them that the vending machines were completely sold out of water and soda.

"We could see the empty pizza boxes in the trash, and the empty plastic bottles," said Charles "Robin Hood" King, President and CEO of Housing Works, in a near-perfect British accent. "We confronted the officers at the precinct about stealing the pizzas and they just smiled and laughed at us and didn't deny it."

Cops then belatedly offered to buy the distraught and hungry Hoods two more pies but they refused. "We weren't touching their dirty pizza," said King in a statement. "We knew it was cheesy hush money. But some day I will have a bite of Mini Munchies, God as my witness."

We've reached out to the NYPD for comment on the incident and will be sure to update when we hear anything.

While poaching another's pizza is certainly a high crime, if the allegations prove true it will most likely not be the worst scandal this year for the embattled police department.