Los Angeles Pizza At Its Best (PHOTOS)

Story comes courtesy of MarPop

By Mar Yvette

The best pizza in LA? Ask someone where to find the best pizza in LA and the answers are so passionate, so philosophical, so varied you'd think you were asking about the very meaning of life. Pizza purists might say the best pizza can only be found at a pie-only joint that devotes its entire kitchen to the creation of the doughy cheesy stuff. In which case, purist I am not. That's because it is my strong opinion that some of the best pizza, at least in Los Angeles is found at restaurants that just so happen to do great 'za. I've had pizza from Santa Monica to Echo Park, Downtown LA to the Valley, but by no means have I tried 'em all. So before you get your mozzarella all rolled up in a ball, keep in mind these are just 5 places where I have found my own version of the best pizza in Los Angeles.

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